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About Me
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Here is the truth about my life!

Fine do u want to knoe the truth?? Okkk i am a bratt sometimes but once u get to knoe mii OMG u will luv mii lyke my best friends! Well I only have one life and some friends and I love it! 

Here is my trying to be cute and eveyone lykes this pic of me below but i think its okk! lolz well see for urself!


Favorite Stuff

Rite here i should list all the stuff I do! 
Okk I do: I go swimming with my friends!
I do: Spend the nite at friends houses!
I do: I go on the computer and have funn!
I do: Listen to music!
&& thats about all the things i do!

Favorite TV Show: Parental Control!
Favorite Movie: I dont really watch movies!
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Book: The Chronicals of Narnia
Favorite Sports Team: Bosten Red Socks!
Favorite Food: Chinece food! Yummy!
People I Most Admire: My mom, my dad, all my friends, and most important my cuz LORE!

Favorite Quotes

Read below!

The most I can do for my friend is simply be her friend.
-Henry David Thoreau